Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Long time since the last update

It has been almost a year since we last posted here.

We just thought we should put something up to let you know that we are all doing well.

Peggy is back teaching at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools. Ed is teaching and coaching at Saint Ignatius College Prep. Luc and Maisie are now in full day child care at the Easter Seals Center across the street from Saint Ignatius.

Maisie is a happy and active two-year-old, who likes to climb into the pantry to find what she wants—and likes to climb onto the kitchen bar stools to play with mommy’s computer.

Luc has made remarkable progress . His official diagnosis, a simple qualifying diagnosis for Early Intervention services, is cerebral palsy. He has been walking now for almost six months, and walks easily now without his AFO supports on his legs. Most exciting has been his intellectual development. He’s become a curious and busy child as he walks around our condo and his play areas. He loves books and shapes, and he speaks with words oval, circle, and square, along with the standards like momma, dada, and bye.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halloween Part Two

What we didn't include was specifics about trick or treating in LaGrange Park. Maisie and Luc were accompanied by their cousins Elizabeth (the cute and scary witch), Doyle (the pirate) and Sean (the spider) along with Tom (crazy hair guy), and Kathy. The weather was perfect. And Ed took awesome pictures, so here are more!

As Ed mentioned, Maisie walked with Elizabeth, but she also had several encounters with furry creatures.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Long time since last post!

So we haven't posted forever. That means we missed the birthdays on October 10 and 11. But how can we miss our first Halloween together?

We went out to LaGrange Park to visit Peggy's sister and her family, partly because we didn't want to brave the craziness of trick or treating in Hyde Park and mainly so that we could trick or treat with our cousins!

Maisie walked the whole way--about four blocks maybe. Oh yes, it is news to the blog that Maisie is walking....

This short blog is really just an excuse to post the pictures. The costumes, as it happens, were birthday presents from big sisters Mairead and Hanna.